TEST CENTERS: have confidence in your product - focus your resources - improve project outcomes



You want to improve the outcomes of your projects? Research by a leading US auditing committee noted that 90 percent of systems that were not ready for scheduled operational tests had been delayed by immature software. Software QA as delivered through our TEST CENTERS is a well defined systems engineering discipline designed to reduce the risk of failure in software development. We face off to the business to understand the acceptance criteria and the IT, as the voice of the customer.  We stay independent throughout the delivery lifecycle ensuring that the product is tested without compromise.

Configuration Scenarios

Based on the scope, timing and prioritisation of your system under test, you can define your own Test Center. A Test Center represents the resources that are needed to run the software test and QA function for your specific application(s). Test Centers are modular and are defined in terms of the resource roles required to manage the complete application under test (AUT) on a 1:1 basis. There are at present 4 configurations of service scenarios and in this section you can find them all which corresponds to an SLA.


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  The advantage is clear: by choosing Good 2 Go you benefit from a total solution for managing quality in your projects. We have a solution for any scenario and every stage of your application - from thought to finish. We compare favourably with simple body shop services, pilot a Test Center today and go beyond defects. Trust our strength.

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