Go beyond defects

The reality today is that with increasing complexity of IT used in organisations, and shorter life-spans of those applications, the risks and impact of loss resulting from integrated technology failure are now higher than ever. Companies are looking for more certification that the IT provided by third parties (as well as internal IT) are 'Good 2 Go' and with switching costs lower than ever because of high system modularity, independent software producers that fail to meet the performance expectations of their customers will be punished by lower market share. We understand you. The G2G Test Pilot then has 2 main objectives:

We take a segment approach in that we can engage with specific projects within your organisation and once we have proven our reliability, we move on to broader areas of concern, all the time delivering value in quick returns that are transparent to you and to your customers.

Team up with Good 2 Go

With G2G you can benefit from cost savings in labour arbitrage: depending on skill profile we can staff your project with qualified software test engineers within 4 weeks, so before you recruit additional FTEs for your Test Team and QA functions, call us and see how we can improve the performance of your development projects today.


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