IT Service Management

As your business matures, corporate IT must align to that change through adopting a service model with emphasis on service delivery, performance management, quality of service and vendor/supplier management.
With business focus on ROI, IT investments are rationalised. The IT becomes a technology integrator taking a best of breed approach towards business-enhancing services and their delivery in order to leverage a common technical infrastructure.

This approach requires more transparency in terms of cost and quality of service and also in the value IT delivers to the business. In this context, understanding the value of the cost drivers within your existing model and improving them over the lifetime of the service is a daily activity of the IT manager. We understand you.

The G2G Service Improvement Program (G2G-SIP)

Founded on the accepted and industry-wide quality model ITIL/ITSM, the G2G-SIP is a unifying framework for teams that need to release a business capability through harnessing synergies between the IT operations and the business IT applications. It seeks to align your organisation's people, process and technology with your strategy.  Using the G2G-SIP you can release the locked-in innovation to do things better with value defined and measured so that it can be repeated with results that are enduring. Learn more about this capability.



The Mandate:

  • you want to maintain and gradually improve targeted business-aligned It services

The G2G Offer:

  • implemented Service Improvement Program that will identify and coordinate all IT service improvement opportunities through a cycle of measuring, reporting, agreeing and reviewing IT achievements and through instigating actions to remove unacceptable performance.

Our service offering will cover:


Components of our offer include:

  • assessment of your IT service process and capabilities
  • improvement of your IT service process according to best practice (ITIL, COBIT, BS15000)
  • training and education of your staff
  • leading your organization to certification programmes (BS15000)